v-Server PQ-2

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v server PQ-2


Single Core

  •     RAM 1024MB
  •     HDD 40 GB HDD
  •     NIC 100 MBit connection
  •     Traffic 2TB *

Virtual servers are the ideal solution for all who do not want to give up root access, but for which a root server is oversized. The virtual server models plusQ offer guaranteed performance at the best price.

Fedora  Cent OS  Ubuntu 

basic features

  •     Full root access
  •     1 IPv4 address
  •     IPv6 subnet (/ 64)
  •     Administration software Webmin (available at LAMP)
  •     24 Server monitoring with email notification
  •     24h Reset Service via web
  •     Rescue System
  •     VNC Installation
  •     Image-Installer
  •     Traffic Statistics
  •     Reverse DNS Administration
  •     Domain Registration Robot


  •     No minimum contract period
  •     Optional payment by bank transfer in advance
  •     Notice: 30 days end of month
  •     Individual payment options for Authorities and Public Services on request

* Exceeding the connection speed to 10 MBit / s reduced (calculation basis is only the outgoing traffic. Incoming and internal traffic is not calculated). Optional can be permanently set to 100 Mbit / s for 2,99 € per additional TB bandwidth.

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